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TalleyGenicom continues to set the standard with innovations designed to give you higher productivity, higher reliability and higher quality. The cartridge ribbon does more with less, yielding a longer print life and more uniform quality than previous generation line matrix spool ribbons. The cartridge ribbon is easier and cleaner to use and requires no special user technical skills which reduces labor costs. Compared to laser technology, line matrix offers far better environmental advantages by producing less waste.

6800 Cartridge Consumables

6600 line matrix ribbon cartridge The Power of Plus LONGER LASTING INK = Fewer ribbon changes yield more productivity and contribute to a lower cost of ownership.
The Power of Plus LEADING EDGE RIBBON TECHNOLOGY = Less IT interventions and less downtime, delivered by a patented feature only available with genuine TallyGenicom consumables.
The Power of Plus EMBEDDED MICROCHIP = Gives you precise, integrated control over ribbon life, print quality and most importantly, operating costs. Prevents interruptions during longer print runs.
The Power of Plus NEW COMPACT CARTRIDGE DESIGN = A more efficient use of materials contributes to less shipping, packaging and storage costs.
The Power of Plus ENVIRONMENTAL ADVANTAGE = Line matrix consumables are inherently greener than serial or laser printer consumables, with a significantly better environmental coefficient achieved by using less cartridges and less shipping materials.
The Power of Plus BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY = Ribbon cartridges for the 6800 are backwards compatible with 6600 printers for reduced inventory management cost and simplified ordering.


30% Improvement In Consumable Cost Per Page

The redesigned ribbon cartridge does more with less, yielding a longer print life than the previous generation. Plus, a reduction in packaging produces a 20% reduction in shipping weight, resulting in lower costs and less landfill. And compared to laser technology, line matrix offers far better environmental advantages.

Choose The Ribbon That's Best For Your Application 

6800 Standard Life Cartridge Ribbon

Lowest cost per purchase for customers with a restrictive budget. Available in a single pack. This ribbon cartridge fits all 6800/6600 printer models.

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6800 Extended Life Cartridge Ribbon

For customers seeking a lower operating cost per page. Available in a single and four pack for greatest cost savings. This ribbon cartridge fits all 6800/6600 models, except the 500 line per minute models.

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The Power of Green
Line matrix printers have environmental and cost advantages. Another example of The Power of Plus Learn more

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