6600 Line Matrix Printer in Manufacturing

Line Printers Versus Serial Dot Matrix Printers

Buying a line printer instead of a dot matrix printer, serial matrix printer, or band printer has significant benefits, both in terms of cost and reliability. A line matrix printer represents a significant upgrade in equipment quality. Every aspect of the line matrix printer is designed to deliver higher reliability, faster throughput, and greater resistance to rough handling and hazardous environmental conditions. A smart financial choice, line matrix provides lower cost over the life of the product.

Line Printer benefits include:

plus icon 20x20 Improved up time
plus icon 20x20 More reliable forms handling
plus icon 20x20 Dramatic reduction in repairs and service calls
plus icon 20x20 Lower cost of consumables and spare parts
plus icon 20x20 Lower labor costs due to dot matrix printer handling requirements
plus icon 20x20

In production environments consumable costs dominate the total cost of ownership. As your printing volume increases, line matrix saves you more.

Product Comparison

6600 Series Printers

Dot Matrix or Serial Matrix Printers




Initial acquisition cost Good Excellent
Operating Costs Excellent Poor
Single sheet delivery
*6600ZT model only
Yes* Yes
Environmental range - proper functioning in hot/cold or humid/dry extremes Excellent Good
Resistance to contaminants i.e. dust and airborne oil Excellent Good
Ruggedness - ability to survive abuse Excellent Poor
Page volume Unlimited Low
Bar code quality Very Good Poor
Print quality Good Good
Suitability for mission critical applications Excellent Good

A Dot Matrix Printer versus a Line Printer – the true cost analysis

plus icon 20x20 Line printers provide a substantially lower total cost of ownership versus dot matrix printers.
plus icon 20x20 Dot matrix printers employ expensive cartridge ribbons and print heads which are consumed in the printing process.
plus icon 20x20 In production environments consumable costs dominate the total cost of ownership. As your printing volume increases, line matrix's consumable savings grow dramatically.
plus icon 20x20 Note that these costs do not even include the lost productivity costs when changing print heads and cartridges or when the printer is down for servicing.

Remote Printer Management Comparisons

6600 Line Matrix Printers Dot Matrix, Serial Matrix and Band Printers

Printronix printers are managed individually or in groups with PrintNet Suite. PrintNet Suite includes two powerful printer management applications:

Web Panel - offers direct connection via any web browser to a single printer in your network.

PrintNet Enterprise - a powerful printer management application for IT Managers. With PrintNet Enterprise you can implement mass changes, maintain total visibility to your printer network, receive error alerts and more. For example, with one action, PrintNet Enterprise can send new software or fonts to all the printers in the operation with no required operator oversight. This flexible design gives IT Managers the ability to manage all or one with a single click.

Dot matrix printers are managed one printer at a time. For example, to download new software or fonts, the operator must individually load each printer manually, increasing labor costs and printer downtime.
Line matrix printers can communicate alerts for any error including a full power loss. Dot matrix printers cannot communicate alerts if power supply, controller, or connections fail.

Net result - PrintNet Suite provides an operational ROI for your IT staff.