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6620Q Print Speed Comparison to 6218

In this video we compare the print speed of the 6620Q Quiet Cabinet Line Matrix Printer to that of the TallyGenicom 6218.

Question: Do you have a fast printer for short print windows?

The 6620Q cabinet, the ultimate in speed and performance.

The 6600 Series now offers even faster printing speeds. To illustrate the improvement, the above video shows a speed comparison, with the 6620Q Cabinet printer and the 6218 Cabinet printer. We've loaded the same printing form in both printers, we started them at the exact same time to see how long it will take to print the entire document.

With the 6600 Series you have a choice of printing speeds. 500, 1,000, and 1,500 lines per minutes are available on the Open Pedestal, the Quiet Pedestal and the Zero Tear models. For the 6600Q Cabinet, all of the standard speeds plus the ultra fast 2000 lines per minute configuration is available.

It's About Time

Imagine the time savings you will experience with short print windows jobs that require substantially more information to be printed.

If you are looking for the ultimate in performance and speed, be sure and specify the TallyGenicom 6620Q Cabinet line matrix printer.  

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