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TallyGenicom 6600 Vs. 6200 / 6300 Series Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will the 6600 work in my current operating environment?
Answer: Yes, the 6600 firmware is compatible with earlier TallyGenicom models. It is a true plug and print replacement.
Question: If I migrate to a 6600 will I have to modify my application?
Answer: No. We are fully aware that modifying host applications is always undesirable and often impossible, so extensive testing has been performed to ensure that the 6600 is fully backward compatible with all existing 6200 and 6300 applications. The 6600 printer uses the same software code as the previous 6200 and 6300 models.
Question:  Will I have any problems getting spare parts, repairs, or service for my 6200 or 6300 printers?
Answer: No. We will continue our reputation for providing quality long term product support. As parts supply becomes scare, we purchase and plan to continue parts availability for at least 5 years beyond the end of sale of a product.  We will make best efforts to continue to identify economical sources for these older parts. Parts pricing will reflect the market price and availability. 
Question: Can a 6600 printer handle my demanding forms?
Answer: Yes. The quiet cabinet models use powerful new drive motors, a straight paper path through the print station, and gentle curve to the output area on all versions of the 6600 printers. The higher speed cabinet models, however, have been dramatically improved. The tractors and a new hammerbank have been added to improve overall print quality. The result is that the 6600 pedestal can now handle 17 inch wide forms. Cabinet models can also print at the higher speed of 2000 LPM.
Question: Can spare parts be exchanged between my 6200 / 6300 and a 6600?
Answer: The internal hardware and print mechanism are new and are completely unique. You can order new parts from the same reseller channel you are currently using.
Question: Are my 6200 / 6300 and 6600 cartridge ribbons interchangeable?
Answer: No. The 6600 uses a completely new design and more durable fabric.
Question: Can I use common firmware on my 6200 / 6300 and 6600?
Answer: No. The 6600 is built on a new controller platform that is not compatible with 6200 / 6300 firmware. Additionally, major new features, such as the PrintNet suite of tools, are not supported on a 6200 / 6300.
Question:  Will my 6200 / 6300 be able to grow with my evolving IT requirements?
Answer: No. The core of the 6200 / 6300 base system was developed in over 10 years ago. Older models cannot support new features like new Intelligent Mail barcode.
Question: Can an earlier TallyGenicom printer be upgraded to a 6600?
Answer: No. The 6600 has new improved hardware and printer mechanisms. Previous TallyGenicom parts and consumables are not compatible.