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TallyGenicom 6600 Zero Tear Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is a 6600 Zero Tear?
Answer: It’s a line matrix printer designed specifically to enable printing of single sheets or short runs without any loss of forms.
Question: How much of my form is available for printing on the 6600Z?
Answer: The entire form. With the Zero Tear printer you can print everywhere from the very first to the very last line on the form.
Question: Can these new 6600 printers replace serial matrix printers?
Answer: Yes. All 6600 printers support the most common serial matrix printer emulations, so a zero tear model should be able to drop right in place.
Question: How does the cost of operation and consumables for 6600 compare with serial matrix?
Answer: Line matrix printers offer a tremendous cost savings. Serial matrix ribbon cartridges are more expensive than 6600 cartridge ribbons. This, however, is only half the savings. Serial matrix print heads are also consumables and need frequent replacement. Print heads alone typically exceed $400 and normally require a service call to replace. Adding this to the cost of the ribbon, a serial matrix printer can be greater than 3X more expensive to operate.
Question: Is there any compatibility problems trying to replace an existing line matrix printer with a new 6600Z Zero Tear model?
Answer: No. The Zero Tear printers are full PSA3 family members. They share all the same emulations and connectivity options.
Question: Where does the paper exit for tear off?
Answer: The paper comes straight out the top of the printer, making it easy to tear while standing or sitting in front of the printer.
Question: How mobile are these new 6600Z printers?
Answer: The printers have oversized casters and optional PrintNet Enterprise wireless Ethernet interface to enable you to quickly move your printer to where it is needed.
Question: Do I have to manually eject and retract the paper each time I want to tear a sheet off?
Answer:  No. The printers automatically move the paper up to the tear position when printing is complete. Once more data arrives to be printed, the zero tear printer draws the paper back down to the print station.
Question: Do I have to tear between each sheet or can several be kept together?
Answer: The printer will not eject to the tear bar until the print job is completed so several sheets can be kept together. It simply keeps printing in one continuous stream, until the data stops and the print job completes. At that time, the short run can be torn off.
Question: Is the print quality on the 6600 series the same as other 6200 / 6300 models?
Answer: Generally yes, but there may be some exceptions. Because the paper is being pushed, it is tougher to maintain the same level of paper positioning precision. For most normal weight papers, this will not be an issue, but there may be some minor compression or gaps with thinner media.
Question: Can I use a Zero Tear printer for larger batch runs?
Answer: In general, the standard 6600 pedestal models are better at stacking larger print runs, but the 6600ZT can stack well in most applications. Printing these larger runs will require the purchase of the optional High Rear Paper tray. This tray will provide the proper location and path for the stacked paper.
Question: Can any form that worked with my 6200 / 6300 today work on a 6600Z Zero Tear model?
Answer: No. A standard 6600 pulls the paper, while these models push the paper. Therefore, the media requires a minimum level of stiffness. Also, the narrower the form, the better it will work. However, most common business forms will work perfectly.