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6600 Line Matrix Printer FAQ's

Question: What is "The Power of Plus"?
Answer: Innovations within the 6600 series deliver substantial gains in reliability, productivity, cost improvement and environmental responsibility. These benefits or “plusses” provide compelling reasons for business and industrial customers to upgrade, expand or expand their current printers.
Question:  What are the differences between the 6600 and 6300/6200 models?
Answer: We have outlined a primary list of differences in the 6600 compared to 6200 and 6300 series printers FAQ page.
Question: Can an earlier installed 6200/6300 series printer be field upgrated to a 6600?
Answer: No. The 6600 has completely new hardware and printer mechanisms.
Question: Does the new TallyGenicom 6600 cartridge printer support Intelligent Mail Barcodes?
Answer: Yes. The 6600 is IMB compliant.
Question: Is the 6600 series line matrrix printer a plug & print replacement for my current 6200 / 6300 printer?
Answer: Yes. The biggest factor determining compatibility is the firmware within the printer. The 6600 runs on the same firmware.
Question:  If I migrate to a 6600 will I have to modify my application?
Answer: No. We are aware that modifying host applications are always undesirable and often impossible, so extensive testing has been performed to insure that the 6600 is backward compatible with all existing 6200 and 6300 applications. The 6600 printer uses the same software code as the previous 6200 and 6300 models. Any changes can be corrected or modified to create the desired output without any costly host application modification.
Question:  Can the new 6600 printer replace a serial matrix printer?
Answer: Yes. All 6600 printers support the most common serial matrix printer emulations. Our ZeroTear model would be a drop in place low cost, high productivity replacement.
Question: Why shouldn't I consider using a laser printer?
Answer: Line matrix is the BEST solution for high volume, demanding print jobs that need to be done fast and without fail. Unlike laser printers, the 6600 wakes up from energy saving mode quickly saving you important production time and reduced labor cost. Laser printers consume more power while printing and have shorter life spans and contribute significant waste in packaging and waste.
Question: What print speeds are available?
Answer:  The 6600 offers higher productivity, models configured at 500, 1000, 1500 and 2000 lines per minute.
Question: What is the product warranty?
Answer: 90 days onsite, parts, labor and travel expenses included.
Question: Is an extended warranty available?
Answer: We offer a variety of solutions to meet your needs, from next business day to comprehensive 24 hours / 7 days a week support. For more information and details contact; servicequote@printronix.com.
Question:  How can I remotely manage my printer at another location?
Answer: The new TallyGenicom 6600 has two methods to remotely manage your printer. First you can use the WebPanel the same way you did with previous TallyGenicom printers. Second you can install the included PrintNet Enterprise™ software to download, configure or manage large groups of printers at one time.
Question: What noise suppression options do you offer?
Answer: The 6600Q cabinet is the lowest dBA rated printer. The Quiet Pedestal improved noise reduction with a small footprint and is mobile.
Question:  How do we get started working together?
Answer: Let our representatives assess your needs. You can make contact using this form.