6600 Line Matrix Printers in Pharmaceutical Environment

Front Paper Access

Traditionally, use of the quiet cabinet model required a significant amount of floor space. Users needed to have room for both large doors to swing open and sufficient room for a person to access both the front and rear areas. This option eliminates the need for any normal rear access, allowing the printer to be pushed against walls or into corners. Note a minimum of four inches to the rear is required to allow the top cover to clear the wall when opened.


How It Works

Instead of loading paper onto the front bottom of the cabinet enclosure, the paper is loaded onto a shelf. This creates a passage way to allow paper from the rear to be removed from the front. To eliminate the need to reach way under the source stack, a drawer with extra long slides is provide that pulls the output from the rear all the way to the front. Under normal operation, the drawer is slid all the way in and as the job prints it collects in the drawer. When complete, the user will open the top cover, separate the job, and let the remaining paper fall down into the drawer. Then, they grab the blue handle and pull the output all the way to the front for retrieval.

Shelf Adjustment

The front paper shelf that holds the source stack can be adjusted to any of several heights. This allows for proper balancing of the required source and output stacks. At its lowest setting, the printer can still accept almost any normal sized full box of paper. However, the output stack is limited to only shorter runs, as the output stack must be able to slide under the source stack. As requirements for output stack grow, the shelf must be move to higher positions to enable a larger output to slide underneath. At the higher shelf positions, often less than a full box of source stack will fit. It is important to note, no position of this shelf will allow for full large boxes to be both loaded and retrieved as one large job.

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Front Paper Access

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SureStak Power Stacker

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Sliding Rear Drawer Option

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