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6600 Consumables Frequently Asked Questions

Question:  30% reduction in consumable cost per page for the 6600 is impressive. How this is derived?
Answer: The 6600 cartridge has longer ribbon life resulting in higher yield and delivered to the market at the same price as previous generation (6200/6300) cartridge ribbon. Customers will achieve more printed pages for less money. Cost per page is computed by dividing the list price of the cartridge by yield (number of pages produced). When customers perform this calculation on current 6600 cartridge ribbons relative to 6200 and 6300 cartridge ribbons, they will experience on average a 30% reduction in cost per page.
Question: What cartridge ribbons are available for the 6600?

The 6600 ribbon cartridge line-up provides customers choice and flexibility to manage consumable costs. Customers can chose from the following options to match their print volume and budget. 

Standard Life – Single PackThis ribbon cartridge fits all 6600 printers models. Lowest cost per purchase for customers with restrictive budget.
Extended Life – Single PackThis ribbon cartridge fits 6610, 6610Q, 6615, 6615Q, 6620Q, 6610Z and 6615Z printer models. For customers with more flexible budget and seeking a lower operation cost.
Extended Life – Four PackThis ribbon cartridge fits 6610, 6610Q, 6615, 6615Q, 6620Q, 6610Z and 6615Z printer models. For customers with budget flexibility and seeking the lowest operation cost

Question: Why did you choose a page rating?
Answer: Our research shows that the most likely competition for our printer is a laser printer. By rating in pages, we make it easier for users to compare and see our substantial cost advantage. Additionally, the page test protocol is a much better indicator of real life consumable yields compared with older character based ratings.
Question: What is the page yield for the 6600 ribbon cartridges?
Answer: The Standard Life cartridge page yield is 17,000 pages and the Extended Life cartridge page yield is 30,000 pages. 
Question: What is the page yield for the TallyGenicom 6200 and 6300 ribbon cartridges?
Answer: The TG 40M cartridge page yield is 13,800 pages and the TG 60M cartridge page yield is 20,700 pages.
Question: Are my 6600 ribbon cartridges interchangeable with the earlier TallyGenicom 6200 and 6300 ribbon cartridges?
Answer: No, they are not interchangeable. The Standard Life and Extended Life cartridges were specifically designed for the 6600 Series. The 6600 ribbon cartridge have a smaller footprint than the 6200 and 6300 ribbon cartridges. It is physically impossible to install a 6200/6300 ribbon cartridge on a 6600 printer.
Question: What are the differences between 6200 / 6300 and the 6600 cartridge?

LONGER LASTING INK = Fewer ribbon changes yield more productivity and contribute to a lower cost of ownership.
REDESIGNED RIBBON SYSTEM = Less IT interventions and less downtime, delivered by a patented feature only available with genuine TallyGenicom consumables.
EMBEDDED MICROCHIP = Gives you precise, integrated control over ribbon life, print quality and most importantly, operating costs. Prevents interruptions during longer print runs.
NEW COMPACT CARTRIDGE DESIGN = A more efficient use of materials contributes to less shipping, packaging and storage.

Question: Does the 6600 ribbon cartridge work with the Integrated Print Management System?
Answer: Yes. The system provides the customer with control over ribbon life and print quality. The system default is set for high print quality. It recognizes when a new ribbon has been installed, tracks ribbon usage and alerts when the ribbon needs to be replaced. Users cam set the ending darkness to meet quality needs or extended life.
Question: Can I view the ribbon cartridge life indication remotely?
Answer: Yes. On PrintNet Enterprise equipped printers ribbon life can be viewed anywhere remotely via a simple web browser. Even better, PrintNet Enterprise can be set to issue your web enabled portable device an e-mail once the ribbon life is low and again when it is out. In addition, the ribbon life can viewed via the Web Panel.
Question: What if I run all kinds of different jobs, will the ribbon cartridge life indication remain accurate?
Answer: Yes. The system uses a sophisticated algorithm that tracks usage in all the various sections of the ribbon automatically. As print patterns shift, it will use different parts of the ribbon, but this is all tracked and properly accounted for. The net indication then is the life remaining in whatever is the most depleted section of the ribbon.
Question: If I exchange partially used ribbon cartridges before they are depleted will the ribbon life indication remain accurate?
Answer: Yes. A ribbon can be taken off and replaced at any time, and the system will correctly tell you the ribbon life remaining on the currently loaded ribbon.
Question: What happens when the ribbon cartridge life reaches the end?
Answer: The life indication will continue to count down until the remaining life gets low. At this point, the system will warn of a Ribbon Life Low condition. The indicator lamp will flash, the warning message will be displayed, and optionally e-mail alerts will be issued. Printing, however will continue without any interruption. Once the remaining two percent is consumed the printer will stop to prevent the print quality from degrading below the set limit. The error lamp will flash, the audible alarm will sound, the display will indicate that the ribbon needs to be replaced, and optionally an e-mail alert will be issued.
Question: If my ribbon cartridge life reaches zero and the printer stops, can I at least finish my printing?
Answer: Yes. By returning the printer to the on-line state, it will resume printing for approximately two more minutes. If still a bit more printing is needed, the printer can continue to be returned to the on-line state to gain extra minutes of operation. This process can be repeated indefinitely to extend printing as long as desired.
Question: At what point is the ribbon low warning issued?
Answer: Like the darkness set point, this is fully adjustable.  The factory default is to declare Ribbon Low at 2% life remaining.
Question: Can I program my printer to not stop if the end of ribbon life is reached?
Answer:  Yes. Under the Advanced User section of the printer menus, you can select an option to ignore the ribbon end point. The ribbon life indication will continue to work, but no warnings will be issued and the printer will not stop once the life reaches 0%. Responsibility for insuring the proper change interval reverts back to the user.
Question: Can I track ribbon usage on the 6600?
Answer: Yes. The printer keeps track of the quantity and types of all ribbons used on the machine. This log can be checked at any time, and viewed remotely via PrintNet Enterprise, to determine how fast and how many ribbons your operation is consuming.
Question: Can an estimate of the page vs character yield be provided?
Answer: The page yield for the TG40M character cartridge is 13,8000 pages.

The page yield for the TG60M character cartridge is 20,700 pages.

The difficulty with character yield comparisons is that manufacturers use different tests, settings, applications and environments to produce a character yield. There are no published comparisons of how one manufacturer derived a character yield versus other manufacturers. Plus, there is no way to ensure validity of yield results and ensure apples to apples comparisons against our character yield.

The 6600 cartridge ribbons are rated in pages only. The page yield enables us to perform accurate comparisons across our products as well as any competitor products.