6600 Line Matrix Printer in Manufacturing
  • Speed Is Critical for Rawson's Operation with The New 6610Q

    Rawson, Inc. is a leading manufacturer’s representative, providing sales, service and inventory management for instrumentation, valve and control products used by customers in the refining, chemical, oil and gas, power generation, pulp and paper, food processing, pharmaceutical and semi-conductor industries in six Southern States in the US and also in Mexico.


    That means alot of print jobs in many different areas, both geographically and by industry segment. For Rawson’s IT manager, Micky Barber, making sure systems are running at the headquarters in Houston across the company’s many remote locations is a full-time job. “The speed by which we need to get documents out is critical to our business success,” Barber explained.

    “We’ve had TallyGenicom printers for some time in all of our operations – including two of the 6218 which are used in our computer room and run at 1800 lines per minute. Five of the 6312 models ar e placed in our v arious administrative departments and 17 TallyGenicom 2365HD’s at remote regional facilities.”

    “We installed the new 6610 for use by both our quotes group and sales department in Houston. On average, we do about 1200-1300 documents a week on this printer. Primarily it is used for our sales reporting, pick list for orders and for actual fulfillment. Often it is a two part-form that we need to produce,” Barber explained.

    “We’ve used this printer to replace a small 6312 pedestal model unit. We like the 2000 lines per minute efficiency of the new 6610 unit – it’s a great improvement from the 1200 lines per minute we were used to.

    I also like the improved design benefits over the 6218 and 6312, as well as the print quality of the copies that we get on the 6610. The cartridge ribbon lasts much longer and that’s a plus for us.” “For me, it has been a very easy to transition over to this new 6610 printer, especially with the convenience of getting the paper out and the ease of setting the tractors. It definitely was a Plug and Print situation – out of the box and up and running in 10 minutes,” Barber added.

    “Another tremendous advantage that makes my job that much easier is PrintNet Enterprise. It keeps me productive and allows me to trouble shoot all at the same time,” said Barber. “That is so much better than walking all over the facility to diagnose a problem.”


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“ It definitely was a Plug and Print situation – out of the box and up and running in 10 minutes.”

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Micky Barber
Manager, Rawson, Inc.