6600 Series Line Matrix Printers in Logistics
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    Built on the distinguished heritage of Yellow Transportation and Roadway, YRC is a subsidiary of YRC Worldwide, Inc., a Fortune 500 company and one of the largest transportation service providers in the world. The integrated companies that make up YRC provide logistics management solutions. Together they represent a comprehensive array of international services for the shipment of industrial, commercial and retail goods.

    Senior Engineer Jeff Lucas, who has been with YRC even before the Roadway merger, has been a longtime customer of both TallyGenicom and Printronix products. In his present role, Lucas evaluates and recommends new technology to be implemented into the YRC transportation system which will allow the company to move goods faster and more efficiently.

    Reliability and serviceability of the line matrix printer are the two most important requirements. Responsive support service is also critical. In his analysis, Lucas looks at reliability and the quality of the bar codes. For YRC, it can be extremely labor intensive if the bar code is not readable, resulting in additional labor for key punch entries and a slower workflow. While speed is not the driving issue, quality of the print output is.

    Lucas has had the new TallyGenicom 6610 for about six months in the test lab. “We’ve run printer stress tests and we are finding it is more like a Printronix printer with a TallyGenicom name. That’s important because Printronix puts out the best printers in my 20 years of working with them. I was glad to see that there were innovations included that made this look and perform like a Printronix printer with the user friendliness of a TallyGenicom product, thereby making it easy to self install in my location. The ribbon cartridge replacement of the 6610 is a significant advantage over the older Printronix models. Specifically, it is the clockwise motion of the spool winder in the 6610 model over the counterclockwise movement requirement in the 6306.”

    YRC Truck

    “From a business standpoint last year, we were integrating freight locations across the U.S. due to operations requirements. We needed to do a series of hard resets via the Web Panel and we found that it was generally seamless with the ability to maintain online printing capability. In our field operations, we have as many as 40 users sending files to a single printer. Primary documents printed are the bar coded freight bills and way bills. That said, our operations print as many as 12 additional general documents daily on the TallyGenicom printers. It is estimated that at least 50,000 documents are printed daily to keep the freight moving.”

    “We use a proprietary software with different configurations based on the need for our business. Specifically it allows the user to select different forms and set different margins and print options. That has been easy to utilize in conjunction with Printronix standard options.”

    “When I’m trying to trouble shoot with a user on Linux server and can see that in the routing tables, up comes the Web Panel which directs me to find the fault that needs to be cleared and guides me to the back-up to the Linux server to find the problems.”

    “The Web Panel has been very helpful on a daily basis. It gives me the status of the printer within seconds and I can find out what may or may not be the problem. It can also serve an important secondary purpose of verifying what other printer options may be available. A third benefit to the Web Panel has
    been to assist with asset inventory management. It gives us the ability to do scans through our printers and conduct updates as required. We can also store serial numbers and verify asset inventory accuracy.”

    “From producing readable printouts to the flexibility offered through the Web Panel, TallyGenicom and its 6600 printer with Web Panel keeps our business on the right road.”


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“TallyGenicom and its 6600 printer with Web Panel keeps our business on the right road.”  

YRC Jeff Lucas
Jeff Lucas
Senior Engineer
Yellow Transportation and Roadway