6600 Line Matrix Printers in Pharmaceutical Environment

Line Printers Versus Laser Printers

Line Matrix printers have significant benefits over laser printers in terms of energy savings, cost per page, reliability in industrial environments and media flexibility (multipart forms, oversize media, peel off labels or card stock). Every aspect of the line matrix printer is designed to deliver higher reliability, fast throughput, and greater resistance to rough handling and hazardous environmental conditions. The result is a product that provides a substantially lower cost over the life of the product.

Line Printer benefits include:

plus icon 20x20 Energy Savings Operating Energy Savings
plus icon 20x20 Waste Reduction
plus icon 20x20 Uses paper with high recycled content
plus icon 20x20 Printed paper easier to recycle
plus icon 20x20 Ozone Reduction
plus icon 20x20 Reliability operating in industrial environments
plus icon 20x20 Flexibility of media and media handling
plus icon 20x20 Low cost per page

Product Comparison

6600 Series Printers

Laser Printers

  6600_open_75   HP4014
Initial acquisition cost Good Excellent
Operating Costs Excellent Poor
Single sheet delivery Yes*
*6600ZT model only
Environmental range - proper functioning in hot/cold or humid/dry extremes Excellent Poor
Resistance to contaminants i.e. dust and airborne oil Excellent Poor
Ruggedness - ability to survive abuse Excellent Poor
Page volume Unlimited Limited
Bar code quality Good Excellent
Print quality Good Excellent
Suitability for mission critical applications Excellent Good

A Laser Printer versus a Line Printer – the true cost analysis

plus icon 20x20

Line printers provide a substantially lower total cost of ownership versus laser printers.

plus icon 20x20 Laser printers use expensive toner cartridges and maintenance kits.
plus icon 20x20

In production environments consumable costs dominate the total cost of ownership.  As your printing volume
increases, line matrix's consumable savings grow dramatically.

plus icon 20x20 Costs do not include the loss of productivity such as more frequent paper loading, paper jams or replacing
maintenance kits.

All TallyGenicom 6600 series line matrix printers are ENERGY STAR certified.

logo energy star 60x60

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