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Building on a heritage of giving you “power to print,” Tally Technology continues to set the standard with "The Power of Plus" with more innovations designed to give you higher productivity, higher reliability and higher quality.  The 6600 series consumables introduce a 30% reduction in consumables cost per page, in addition to a 20% reduction in packaging, making Tally Technology supplies among the most efficient and eco-friendly solutions available, especially compared to restrictive laser technology.


6600 Ribbon Standard Life 6600 Exdended Life Ribbon
Lowest cost per purchase for customers with a restrictive budget. Available in a single pack. Fits all 6600 printer models. For customers seeking a lower operating cost per page. Available in a single and four pack for greatest cost savings. Fits all 6600 models, except the 500 line per minute models.

6600 Standard Life Ribbons

6800 Extended Life Ribbons

  •  Lower cost of ownership
  • Most economical point of sale
  •  More convenience and flexibility with ordering and replacement time
  •  Improved print quality and Intelligent Print Management
  • Lower cost of ownership
  •  Long life, better operating cost
  • For optimum uptime to maximized productivity
  • Improved print quality and Intelligent Print Management

Tally Technology 6200/6300 Series

Tally 1145 Supplies

Tally 62xx-63xx

Tally 1145 Ribbon

  • Premium quality ink and fabric for durability
  •  Available in multiple life counts for specific customer needs
  •  SmartRibbon™ technology for consistent print quality
  •  Easy mount ribbon cartridges
  •  Unparalleled fit, form and function
  • Engineered and manufactured to exacting specifications
  • Breadth of product offering to fit specific needs
  • Protects print head life

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