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Question:  Why is Printronix moving its Corporate Headquarters?
Answer:  Like many manufacturers, optimizing our global manufacturing to remain competitive resulted in reduced space requirements in our Corporate Headquarters. We are excited to move to our new facility in the Irvine Spectrum Technology Center.
Question:  When is Printronix moving their Corporate Headquarters?
Answer:  Printronix is targeting to move early to mid-August; as we move closer to the date we will publish more definitive information.
Question:  What is the new Printronix Headquarters address?
Answer:  Printronix, Inc, 15345 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA  92618
Question:  What is the new Printronix mailing address?
Answer: Printronix, Inc., 15345 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92618. Please direct all mailing correspondence; including payments and invoices to this new address.
Question:  Should we use the Printronix, PO Box 19559, Irvine, CA  92623-9559 address after the move?
Answer: No, use the new mailing address after the move takes place. However, please continue to use the PO box 360575 Pittsburgh, PA 15272 address for payment remittance.
Question:  Will any of the phone numbers (800 #'s, direct dial #'s or fax #'s) be changing?
Answer: No all phone numbers, fax numbers, and direct dial numbers will reamin the same.
Question:  Will the move take place during the business work week?
Answer:  We are working on the schedule now for the move.  Updates will follow regarding the exact timing of the move.
Question: Will shipping of product be interupted by the move in any way?
Answer: We are working to minimize disruptions in product shipments during the move. Further details on availablilty and shipments can be provided at time of order.
Question:  What will your hours of operation be during the move?
Answer:  Printronix will operate under normal business hours.
Question: Will I be able to reach the Inside Sales Team, Customer Order Services, Dispatch, Technical Support, and Accounts Receivables/Payables during the move?
Answer: Yes - You will be able to contact all business areas during the move.
Question: Can I place orders as usual during the move?
Answer: Yes, our Online, EDI, and Customer Services functions will all be available to process your orders as normal
Question:  Will Printronix website remain functional during the move?
Answer:  Yes, all Printronix websites, including,, and the ability to place orders online will remain up and functional during the move.
Question: How should I handle returning product if I already have a return authorization to ship product back to the 14600 Myford, Irvine CA address?
Answer: Process and ship it as normal. All returns received at our former location will be re-routed to our new faciltity. Contact our Customer Service Department at 800-665-6210 with any questions.
Question:  What is the new shipping address for my carrier to pick up product?
Answer:  Customer pick-ups may orginate from mutltiple Distributions Centers, our Shipping Department will contact you with the weight, dimensions, and addresses for pick-up point of orders ready to ship.
Question: When will shipments begin from the new location?
Answer: We anticipate shipments to begin in early-mid August. Customer Service will be able to provide specifics logistics details regarding your order.
Question:  Where can I go to get additional information about the move?
Answer: Please visit for additional details.  Follow us on Twitter and Facebook as well.